Gifts from Strangers


AZ Flag Postcard by Gina DeGideo

As promised – the gifts I received in my mailbox from all of the wonderful participants, in exchange for one of my Arizona postcards 🙂 …thank you for contributing!

GiGi's Mailbox

Artful Postcards Napkin


Code Paper

Pink Pearl Eraser

US Bank

Johnson and Johnson

To Do List

Scooby Doo Bandage

Pool Table Services

Amy Winehouse by Peter Bugg

Incredible Darling


Red Bandana

Smart Cap

Space 666

The Spoken Word

Altoid Russian Doll


Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

Lift 30 Percent Off

Vision Tester

Be Demanding Fortune

OB Tampon in Plastic

The Balkans and Beyond

Leaking Pen


Sticky BevMo

Ricola Honey Receipt

Michelle's Mountain




Lipstick and Fingerprint

“Click” Highlights

Pictures from the group exhibition Click at Gallery 100…



I’ve got mail!!! As part of the exhibition I had a postcard exchange, where participants could trade an item from their bag, purse, or wallet for a postcard I designed. I plan on sharing the contents of my mailbox soon, but here’s a peek into what I got…

Thanks everyone for coming out to show your support, especially thanks to all who participated in the postcard exchange!

-Love, GiGi

Save the Date… for ART!!!


You’re invited and I hope you can make it to the opening reception on

Tuesday, March 6th from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Gallery 100 in Tempe, AZ

I have definitely been slacking on the blogging lately, but never fear all, I still have a big mouth and a lot to say and explore! The reason is because of my upcoming show CLICK!!! My BFA in Photography show is happening next week. I’m a little stressed, but definitely excited about the culmination of my work for the past year. This project centers around my Utopian Landscape project and I am excited to finally share some of it with the world. The group show will feature a variety of photography and video projects and will not disappoint… see you there!

420 at NSAA!!!

My first indoor gallery exhibition opened 4/20/11 at NSAA (New School for Arts & Academics) in Tempe, AZ. It was exciting and I was happy it all came together. Thanks to the other 5 artists involved in the show, Kathryn Lew, Virginia Martinez, Glory Shim, Valerie Echeveria, and Margaret Hernandez. I think we rocked it!

Also especially THANK YOU to my supportive family for coming to see the work you are all a part of.

Reminence of Home

This work was very personal for me and dealt with the loss of my childhood home and the visual memories I still have connected to this place I’ve always considered “home”.
Check out my artist book Home published at Blurb.

Bookmaking is a fun and very creative process I look forward to learning more about during my stay ASU. Sometimes though, it is nice to let someone publish it for you… this is where comes in. What a great resource for writers and art enthusiasts. Make your work tangible!