Chillin in the Batcave


ImageBlack sheets + Construction Paper Bats + Batman Masks + Flashlights = Fun for 5 year-olds

Little man just turned 5 (oh dear God I feel old,) and because he wanted a Batman themed birthday party we did it up, fort style. Me and hubby transformed the livingroom (luckily already pained gray) into a batcave for his sleep over and these lil monsters had a blast! These are some of the awesome pics I took of them wildn’ out last night 🙂 .

ImageImageImageTracking movements with light and time


Muscle Men on Exhibit


Although this side of me is so vastly different from some of my other styles of working, I find collaging to be an interesting method of making work. I see a similarity between styles of collaging and photography. As the artist, you have to deal with what is present, what is tangible; this takes a certain eye to make connections. Collaging, like shooting through a lens and printing, allows for manipulation of the found objects after the fact.

There I sat bored, flipping through the pages of the school newspaper on campus, looking for inspiration. I was mostly interested in the ridiculous cover story featuring a student who draws similarities between himself and Batman. He was posed flexing his muscles in his dark knight get up. I moved along through the paper and found a feature of a student athlete who just placed in some event, also showing off his guns.

I cut the photographs from the newsprint and cyanotyped them. Naturally, I felt the blue of the chemistry would resonate with their boy-ness. I loved the interaction between the two figures, the oddball and the jock, both in their silly poses. I wanted many more, so I set out in search of found pictures.

In the end I’ve created many of these limited edition prints, which are now on stone tiles. Eventually I would like to get the collection to at least 100. The emphasis on this repeating movement and the connection to gender identities are overwhelming when the little men are all together in a large group. My Muscle Men will be on display for the first time in installation form at Art Intersection in Gilbert from August 4-25, 2012. Join me at the opening reception Saturday August 4, from 7-9 pm.

The Perfect Age

One of my best friends once told me that kids make life more colorful. I think this is probably the best analogy I can think of for how inspiring and amazing having kids can be for us adults. I mean as a boring old adult, when do u ever stop to sit and run your hands through the sand in the sandbox or entice your dog to eat the bubbles you blow, or just run… just for the hell of it? My little man is now at the perfect age. He just turned 4 and every day is an adventure. He constantly keeps me smiling and is so creative
and smart, it is astounding.


As a photographer I can see why some moms I’ve worked with can’t get away from shooting their children; they are so inspirational. I love lil man, but I am more amused by the hilarious things he does as self-expression. These are the things I sometimes photograph often with a camera phone… in a snapshotty mom kind of way.

An original masterpeice by little man

Super Ninja Man