I am an observer of the land I live in. I have strong opinions about life, morality, spirituality, and about where we should be heading as a united human race. I find myself driven politically and frustrated with the ignorance of many. My ethics of hard work and freedom for all fuels this passion. I will contribute to re-shaping the human condition even if in only some minor way.

Photography is the tool which helps me to translate my ideas. The camera shows what is real and what is possible all at the same time; it distorts the truth we all think we know. It is important to bring to light what lies dormant and this revelation often has a much bigger impact than anticipated.

My form of expression is much more powerful than words as it functions on quantum levels of communication. My work forces at least, the acknowledgement of our situation. This is only the first step to recovery.


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Hundreds of thousands of gallons of water spray across empty, but perfectly manicured lawns in the desert each day. Sprinkler heads pop up from their hiding spots to create lush green grass in this arid landscape. Natural desert is torn away so agave plants, tan rock, and mesquite trees can be arranged for a more appropriate desert landscape. We relocate 100 year old cacti from their native homes to be propped up on the sides of freeways.

Does anyone ever stop and think this is odd? Why is this happening? I can understand aesthetically appealing, but is it to such an extent that we need to manufacture or re-create an entire ecosystem for our visual pleasure? Not only are the man-power and resources needed to maintain such an illusion mind-boggling to me, but in some cases these severely altered terrains have left this Arizona native feeling like I just stepped into the Twilight Zone.

While traveling around, I have come across many disturbing housing/business/recreational areas that I feel are so far out of the realm of desert life that I’ve decided to highlight them in my upcoming photographic series… Utopia.