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Pictures from the group exhibition Click at Gallery 100…



I’ve got mail!!! As part of the exhibition I had a postcard exchange, where participants could trade an item from their bag, purse, or wallet for a postcard I designed. I plan on sharing the contents of my mailbox soon, but here’s a peek into what I got…

Thanks everyone for coming out to show your support, especially thanks to all who participated in the postcard exchange!

-Love, GiGi

Hero of Photography

As a photographer and artist I think it’s important to realize where our roots come from. Bill Jenkin’s Understanding Photographs course at ASU is really great. Its lecture based discussion helps us to realize the unique artistic style that photography brings to the world and how we as the photographers can harness its infinite and distinctive powers of relaying messages.

One man, whom I consider to be a hero of photography, is someone who helped me going to school to study photographic art even a possibility. The godfather of artistic photography, Alfred Stieglitz led an artistic reform based around the novel concept that taking a photograph was more than just simply recording what was blankly in existence. This is still something that a lot of unsuspecting people cannot overcome; the idea that the camera and a picture reveal truth.

Alfred Stieglitz

My position on the subject is more of one that the photograph shows us what is there and what is possible. It can illustrate light or motion too fast or too slow for the human eye to register, to tell of what is true, but maybe not seen by us. Photography is so appealing because people assume that what is shown must be true, must be real because it was not fabricated with paint, but registered with a machine! This is the advantage I am in love with! Forget Photoshop for a moment; forget dodging, burning, and multiple exposures! Sometimes even an interesting angle or vantage point can alter reality and convey the message of the artist. At this point in my work I am so interested in the straight photography that is telling of our times and the human way, without any trickery.

Hats off to the founding father for working so hard to make photography an independent form of expression, and for adding a much needed layer of thinking to the human experience.

Plan for Success!

Whoever said artists make plans? Well I guess we do
sometimes, it’s just a matter of actually sticking to them! I often plan to go
shooting at 5:00 am, but when 7 o’clock comes around and I haven’t managed to take
the babe to Nana’s yet, I don’t feel defeated instead I roll with the punches
and usually just end up getting a little more sweaty than I had intended.

My philosophy for life is a bit the same. Plan for success…
and be prepared for everything else! Ideally I wish to be a well-recognized
artist who has an impact on the world’s ways. Aside from making photographs, I
have a passion for design, curating, and cooking so an equally ambitious goal I
have is to own a photography gallery where friends can gather to enjoy art!
Contributing to the world through art is my main objective in life.

For now I hope to make it through ASU’s photography program
with some sort of mini masterpiece and to take a curatorial or other art-based
position to gain more knowledge and experience. I am also preparing my past and
current works for exhibition. I will be showing my work as much as possible in
the coming year. If you see my work here or at GinaDeGideo.com and feel it
would be a great fit for any exhibit you are having, please contact me and I
would love to talk with you more about putting together an amazing show!

420 at NSAA!!!

My first indoor gallery exhibition opened 4/20/11 at NSAA (New School for Arts & Academics) in Tempe, AZ. It was exciting and I was happy it all came together. Thanks to the other 5 artists involved in the show, Kathryn Lew, Virginia Martinez, Glory Shim, Valerie Echeveria, and Margaret Hernandez. I think we rocked it!

Also especially THANK YOU to my supportive family for coming to see the work you are all a part of.

Reminence of Home

This work was very personal for me and dealt with the loss of my childhood home and the visual memories I still have connected to this place I’ve always considered “home”.
Check out my artist book Home published at Blurb.

Bookmaking is a fun and very creative process I look forward to learning more about during my stay ASU. Sometimes though, it is nice to let someone publish it for you… this is where Blurb.com comes in. What a great resource for writers and art enthusiasts. Make your work tangible!