Plan for Success!

Whoever said artists make plans? Well I guess we do
sometimes, it’s just a matter of actually sticking to them! I often plan to go
shooting at 5:00 am, but when 7 o’clock comes around and I haven’t managed to take
the babe to Nana’s yet, I don’t feel defeated instead I roll with the punches
and usually just end up getting a little more sweaty than I had intended.

My philosophy for life is a bit the same. Plan for success…
and be prepared for everything else! Ideally I wish to be a well-recognized
artist who has an impact on the world’s ways. Aside from making photographs, I
have a passion for design, curating, and cooking so an equally ambitious goal I
have is to own a photography gallery where friends can gather to enjoy art!
Contributing to the world through art is my main objective in life.

For now I hope to make it through ASU’s photography program
with some sort of mini masterpiece and to take a curatorial or other art-based
position to gain more knowledge and experience. I am also preparing my past and
current works for exhibition. I will be showing my work as much as possible in
the coming year. If you see my work here or at and feel it
would be a great fit for any exhibit you are having, please contact me and I
would love to talk with you more about putting together an amazing show!

Past, Present, Future

On the Edge

I don’t believe an appreciation for art or an eye for beauty
is something that can necessarily be taught. For me these things were
instinctual and I’ve always appreciated the beauty and oddities found in the
everyday. Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to make art. I never knew that
years later my interest in photography would become my outlet to
self-expression and my preferred method of communication.

I’ve always seemed to have a hard time relaying my thoughts
and feelings to other people correctly. The words never seem to come out the
way they were supposed to; you know, how I had practiced in my head. Once my
love for photography was uncovered it could never be put to sleep. I made the
decision to pursue my dream and to better myself for the life I feel I was meant
to have.

As an artist my work serves as a tool for observation and as
a method by which I can question what I am told. I hope to continue to make
work that makes people think outside the box and which helps to shape our